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Is Score The Missing Piece In Your Business?

Solve your #1 challenge with score

Improve Cash , People , Processes

Lessen the load on YOU as a business owner

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What's The Scaling Scoreboard?


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Abraham - Contractor


"There are a million excuses your mind will tell why not to join the program. Saying I’ll do it “when” X happens. The hardest part is starting. The situation will never be perfect but if you don’t start today you won’t have the result you want tomorrow. Not only did I get a HUGE ROI for my business, Seth and his team improved my life! Find a way to start!"
Scoreboard calculator

How does Calculator Work?

Our Scoreboard Impact Calculator instantly calculates how much impact (in dollars) keeping score with our “Scaling Scoreboard will help your organization. This helps you understand how much you could grow or areas you could save. In the end, it shows the number of dollars that can be put in your bank account when staying focused on the correct metrics. It’s time for you to get the results you deserve. See your score instantly

Nate - Business Coach


"I didn’t get what I thought… I got what I needed. The process started with understanding me. That’s the most powerful part of the program. I’m my biggest asset I just had to learn how to use it!"

What our clients say

Seth Lewis

He is a blue-collar business owner, serial entrepreneur, author and speaker,  that left home at 16 and never looked back. Seth has been educated through the school of hard knocks and celebrates blue-collar work. Seth also has an Executive MBA from Villanova University and has been featured on major news networks as a global momentum expert, business coach and speaker. Seth helps business owners assess their organization and scale by using his "Scaling Scoreboard" to improve CASH - PEOPLE and PROCESSES.

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5.0 Rated 14+ Customers

7 Steps to Start and Keep Momentum in Business Forever


Solve your business challenges with scoreboard!

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