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Starting April 2023

A group of entrepreneurs and influential figures in the local area who come together on a monthly basis to network, exchange knowledge and experiences and help each other progress while also giving back to their community. This is a moderated gathering, where each member can present their issues or initiatives and receive input from the other members of the group. The mastermind system allows for the collective wisdom of the group to be shared to come up with the best possible solutions


Entrepreneurs who are pressed for time often sacrifice their own growth in order to prioritize the needs of their business. Nonetheless, those who are looking to maximize their impact in a limited time frame may benefit from enrolling in a mastermind program. This type of program provides an opportunity for owners/leaders to learn from their peers, gain insight into industry best practices, and ultimately grow their business while mitigating potential issues.


2nd Friday of Each Month - Full Da


  •  Full Day Mastermind 1x per month (Lunch Included)

  • Monthly Individual Coaching Session

  • Monthly Support and Coaching from 24/7 Help Desk

  • Focus on Key/Hot Topics like Scaling, Hiring, Sales, Pricing, Profit, Mindset, Cash Flow Operations, Navigating the Unknown trends and more!

Reduce the Weight of Business...TOGETHER

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What is a Blue-Collar MasterMind?

A mastermind group is when highly qualified people get together share a challenge, thought or idea and get feedback from the group. This leads to powerful insight which leads to solid decision that lead to FAST accurate results. The benefit of doing this with other BLUECOLLAR owners/leaders is that we all go through similar challenges and someone...most likely broke through it before! Why re-invent the wheel! Blue Collar is not just manual labor or construction. Blue Collar is a mindset of working to do what it takes to win, finding a way and working hard for success. 


I'm already a part of Networking or Speciality Associations

Networking and Associations are not always focused on solving business challenges. This is a safe space to share openly in an organized format to get high impact. Associations may bring ideas and are good however this is laser-focused and is similar to executive coaching. It is being intentional about your growth as a leader while learning, supporting and celebrating wins of others.


How it Works?

We meet 1x per month live and share our ideas, thoughts and challenges and get ideas from the group that allows us to accelerate our business growth and plan. You also have access to our HelpTicket to submit tickets and questions for individual support during the month. You will get (1) 1 on 1 session each month to work specifically on items from your business. It's time to stop doing business alone and let's do business together!


Why It's Important to Join

Support, Ideas, Access, and Community!


We'll tackle Hot topics like... 

  • Recruiting, finding and keeping talent

  • Scaling your business

  • Mindset

  • Retention 

  • Closing higher margin sales 

  • Improving profit 

  • Cash flow 

  • Life Balance 

  • Programing your mindset 

  • Keys to Momentum 

  • How to deal with supply delays 

  • Technology 

  • Controlling your time 

  • Plus more 

You'll also have access to some of our support options for business owners.

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