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Author to Advisor: How to Monetize Your Expertise

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The Work is Already Done! It's time to Make MONEY! As a published author, you have already done the hard work of becoming a subject matter expert. However, simply publishing a book does not always guarantee financial success. If you find yourself struggling to make money off your book, fear not! There is a way to monetize your expertise and become a highly-paid coach, consultant, or advisor.

The Problem

After publishing your book, you may have found that it did not sell as well as you had hoped. Perhaps you are not making the money you deserve or desire. However, becoming a published author should be the first step to making six figures, easily.

The Solution The key to monetizing your expertise is having a process and plan in place. Just as you had guidance and support while writing your book, you need a formula for developing a high-ticket offer that people will pay a lot for. This is not about low-ticket, hourly work or free speaking engagements. It's about using a process to package your experience so that people will buy it. Our exclusive Momentum Mapping process will help you design a high-ticket offer that taps into your assets, strengths, and motivations. It works for any niche because you already have the knowledge and expertise; it's simply a matter of monetizing it. The Benefits

Becoming a highly-paid coach, consultant, or advisor has many benefits. When you charge a premium for your services, it doesn't interfere with your current job or responsibilities. Most people find themselves making more money in a shorter period of time, which gives them the option to continue or take a new path in life. Financial freedom, ultimate flexibility, and living a life you once only dreamed of are all possible when you have the courage to start. The time is now. When you do the work, you will get the results. Life will be good.


Publishing a book is just the beginning of your journey as an expert in your field. By learning how to monetize your expertise through our Momentum Mapping process, you can become a highly-paid coach, consultant, or advisor. The benefits are endless, and the only thing standing between you and your dream life is having the courage to start.

Take the First Step

If you are ready to embark on this transformative journey of becoming a high paid coach, let's connect for a call. I would love to hear more about your vision and passion and provide guidance to help you realize your goals. Email me at or text me at 717-500-2819 to set up a time for a chat.

About the Author

Seth Lewis is a serial entrepreneur, author and business advisor. Seth helps people with passion and expertise create high-ticket offers. Seth has developed a simple Momentum Mapping Process to help people assess and package their skills in alignment with high value. Seth shows you how to create a premium offer, attract and close clients to live a life of abundance. When Seth is not helping others make a lot of money, he is traveling in their family RV, Golfing, or playing basketball. Seth is a published author and has global support for his teaching. Seth has an Executive MBA from Villanova University and a 20-year School of Hard Knocks degree.

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